F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S




I know the wedding blogs have their opinion about what you should look for in a wedding photog and a list a questions you should ask. And that's fine. I'm happy to answer any questions if it helps you narrow down your choices! But here are some you can go ahead and mark of your list as answered. ;)



Nope! From 2014 to present, only 7 clients have booked a 2nd photographer.


I love your style but do you do any "normal", more traditional photos? because I don't see them and i know my grandma is going to want those.

Yes! While I do wedding photography a little differently, I still get some traditional portraits of you guys smiling at the camera. I want to provide images everyone in your family can love.

When we do family photos at your wedding, this is all I do. Everyone is looking their best so I want to get as many family photos as I can for you. Keeping it simple by just having everyone stand side by side, smiling at the camera, helps move through them quickly so we can all photos on your family shot list and all the last minute requests so we can get everyone to the cocktail hour to start partying.



How many images will we receive?

A minimum of 400. But I usually deliver more. You also get a color and black&white version of each photo.

How long will it be until I get my photos?

You will receive a link via email to your online gallery no later than 8 weeks after your wedding.

Do you include or sell the RAW files or unedited images?

Nope. My editing process is very much a part of what you're paying for and get when you book me. 

Do you have backup equipment?

Yep. I have three camera bodies and multiple lenses.


how many weddings have you photographed?

I shot my first wedding in June 2014. As of January 2020, I've photographed 80 weddings.

Do you have Insurance?

Yep. I have insurance for my equipment and general liability.

Do you photoshop?

Short answer, no. I'm a body positive activist. Therefore, I do not photoshop my subjects. I'm happy to clean up blemishes because I know those can be out of your control, but I will not photoshop or manipulate your body in anyway. Such retouching does more harm than good and I refuse to add to the problem. You're fantastic just the way you are.  

We're not paying, so do we need to do the contract stuff?

Yep. Regardless of who is paying, you, the couple, needs to sign the contract.

Is the retainer refundable?

No. However, if you find you need to cancel my services with you, any payments you made (other than the retainer) is refundable if I am able to book another wedding event for your date.

Can I view a full/complete wedding gallery?

Yes! At our consultation, I will bring my tablet so you can view at least one full wedding gallery. Until then, you view fuller galleries on my blog.


How do we book you?

Send me an inquiry and we'll set up a consultation. After the consultation, and you decide to book me, I will email you an invoice for the retainer and contract. 
The retainer is 40% of the cost of your selected collection.


What happens if you get sick the day of our wedding and unable to come?

There are several networks of photographers in the Louisville area I can reach out to and I have several photog friends who will step up to the plate if I need them to. 


Can I make payments? Or do I need to pay the remainder of my balance in full?

I'm happy to accept payments for the remainder of your balance.

Do I need to include you in my catering head count?

It would be super nice of you. I eat at the same time as the Bride & Groom during the reception. If you choose to not include me in your catering count, let me know so I can make arrangements.

What's your preferred method of contact?

E-mail. You can call me but honestly, I generally don't answer my phone because of the amount of scam & spam calls I get so be prepared to leave a voicemail. Better yet, just text me. 




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