A B O U T   M E

&  L A C T O S E   I N T O L O R E N T

At this point I know, you know, I'm a photographer. And while photography is my passion and fills a significant part of my life, I don't feel I need to go on an artistic tangent about it to you. 

I think you'll find knowing facts such as, I own a Bob's Burgers cookbook, I think jazz has a lot of unnecessary notes and I have a sun allergy so I spend an ungodly amount of money on sunscreen. 

I'm married. My pet name for him is Sparky and I referred to him, most of the time, as my Dude Man. We have two cats who love him and only put up with me. I prefer my bourbon neat (unlike my life), I'm slightly obsessed with consignment shopping and I've done some truly amazing things with a hot glue gun. (So I may or may not be crafty AF)

" T O   M E ,   P H O T O G R A P H Y   I S   A N   A R T   O F   O B S E R V A T I O N .   I T ' S   A B O U T   F I N D I N G    S O M E T H I N G   I N T E R E S T I N G   I N   A N   O R D I N A R Y   P L A C E . . . I ' V E   F O U N D   I T   H A S       L I T T L E   T O   D O   W I T H   T H E   T H I N G S   Y O U   S E E   A N D   E V E R Y T H I N G   T O   D O   W I T H 
T H E   W A Y   Y O U   S E E   T H E M . "




The Movie "White Christmas"
H. Jon Benjamin's Voice
Bold Lipstick Colors
Breakfast Food
Whiskey Sour (with the egg)
My Hot Glue Gun


"That's what he/she said" jokes
Strangers who tell me to smile
Woody Allen Movies
Neon Colors
Makeup Contouring


R E T O U C H I N G   /   P H O T O S H O P P I N G

I'm a body positive activist. Therefore, I do not photoshop anyone. I'm happy to clean up blemishes because I know those can be out of your control, but I will not photoshop or manipulate your body in anyway. Such retouching does more harm than good and I refuse to add to the problem. You're fantastic just the way you are. 

T R A I N     T R A C K S

I'm not cool with taking your photo on railroad tracks. They're property of the railroad company and simply being on them is considered trespassing; and that's a felony. Additionally, its just dangerous and I will not put my clients in harms way. 


M Y   C A M E R A   D O E S N ' T   D O   A L L   T H E   W O R K

I like contrast. I like weird (interesting) light. I even like desaturated colors sometimes. I've been told my work is moody and grainy with a film and fine art appeal. I'm ok with that; because I like grainy images. I even like blurry or slightly out of focus pictures. I'm ok with people calling my work "artsy" because I love to provide images to you that turns your hallway into a small art gallery. 


I'm inspired by ya'll. Even if you have the same wedding colors at the same venue the weekend after another client, your photos will be unique because I draw my inspiration FROM YOU. It's backed up with my love and admiration for film noirs movies of the 1940's & 1950's. Also paintings from the  Renaissance,  Baroque and Neoclassical periods. I'm also pretty intrigued with surrealism; its just so mind-blowing to me. I understand it, but I also don't understand it all. And I really dig being so lost in it.

N O T   A   J O B

I am far from the vendor who will show up and do a job. Because it's not a job, its your f*cking wedding. And while at the end of the day you are just hiring me to come take photos and document your day, I'm going to do more than that because I genuinely want you to enjoy and experience the wedding day I'm going to capture for you. I've planned a wedding myself and I know it can get really overwhelming so my goal is to be a blessing on your wedding day, not a burden.


The best compliments are when the bridesmaids or groomsmen (or both) think I'm an old friend of the bride or groom because of the way I interact with them or how chill they are around me.  While most of the time I've known the couple for less than year and all our interaction has been wedding related, I really revel in knowing my couples feel relaxed around me. I'll be honest, having a calm demeanor is really hard work sometimes.


Here are some places I'd love to photograph a wedding! If one of these places is your venue, please let me know! I'm offering a stellar discount so I can shoot there!

George Peabody Library  |  BALTIMORE, MD
Story Inn  |  STORY, IN
Warrenwood Manor  |  DANVILLE, KY
The Foundry on Broadway  |  FRANKFORT, KY
One World at Woolery Mill  |  BLOOMINGTON, IN
Cason's Cove  |  ALVATON, KY
The Ruins at Kellum Valley Farm  |  CLEVELAND GA
Jeptha Creed Distillery  |  SHELBYVILLE, KY
Lost River Cave  |  BOWLING GREEN, KY
Mohonk Mountain House  |  NEW PALTZ, NY
Speed Art Museum  |  LOUISVILLE, KY
Collective Retreat  |  ANY LOCATION
The Barn at Springhouse Gardens  |  NICHOLASVILLE, KY
Pinecroft at Crosley Estate  |  CINCINNATI, OH
White Haven Fields  |  LEXINGTON, KY
The Vintage Barn at Merefield  |  MIDWAY, KY
Piney River Ranch  |  VAIL, CO
Shakespeare & Co  |  LEXINGTON, KY
Tayvin Gardens  |  SMITHS GROVE, KY
3rd Turn Oldham Gardens  |  CRESTWOOD, KY


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