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Pale  AF,
Lactose intolerant

I've never taken the Myers Biggs test so I couldn't tell you my personality type, but I know I'm a Virgo and born the year of the Dragon. So I guess I'm a Dragon Goddess (eat your heart out Daenerys Targaryen). I have a sun allergy which causes me to be very prone to sun burns and sun poising; so on top of the whole divinity, dragon thing I also might be part vampire.

I'm slightly obsessed with consignment shopping and I've done some truly amazing things with a hot glue gun. (So I may or may not be a crafting queen)


We Choose the Moon Photography


A N T I   D I S C R I M I N A T I O N

I do not discriminate. Your religious ideology, sexual identity, ancestry, political affiliations, pizza topping choices & regular coffee order are of no concern of mine, nor are they any of my business. The only thing I'll ask you is what your pronouns are.

R E T O U C H I N G   /   P H O T O S H O P P I N G

I'm a body positive activist. Therefore, I do not photoshop anyone. I'm happy to clean up blemishes because I know those can be out of your control, but I will not photoshop or manipulate your body in any way. Such retouching does more harm than good and I refuse to add to the problem. You're fantastic just the way you are. 

T R A I N   T R A C K S

I will not take photos of clients on train tracks. I will also not get on train tracks to take photos. Railroad tracks are property of the railroad company and simply being on them is trespassing; that's a felony. Getting that Pinterest cute photo for you isn't worth a felony charge to me. Additionally, it's just dangerous. I will not put you, or myself, in harms way. Not sorry. 


And a damn good one at that?

We're on the same page then. You want someone who understands its your f*cking wedding day and will treat it as such; not just another job; or a photoshoot.  And while I'd be thrilled to photograph your wedding, I know my work isn't for everyone and I'm ok with that. If you're just "meh" about my images, or you do just want someone to show up and shoot your list of must-haves, I'd recommend shopping around.

We Choose the Moon Photography
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