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We Choose the Moon Photography
Wedding at Huber's Winery in Starlight, Indiana
Engagement Photos in downtown Louisville, Kentucky

We Choose the Moon Photography | Louisville Wedding Photographer

Wedding at Brown Pusey House

A small wedding at Brown-Pusey House in Elizabethtown, Kentucky


Wedding at Nick's Museum of Treasures

Fall Wedding at Nick's Museum of Treasures in Jeffersonville, Indiana


Wedding at Passalino's in Louisville Kentucky

November Wedding at Passalino's in downtown Louisville, Kentucky


we choose the moon photography

we choose the moon photography

 We Choose the Moon Photography offering a radical approach to wedding photography with an

editorial edge and documentary style.

I specialize in creating  bewitchingly unconventional imagery

for anyone who has ever wanted something different

and couldn’t find it or were simply told “no, just be normal”.

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I'm Mary

we choose the moon photography

A well-versed pair of eyes with modern gear but nostalgic flair.

You should know I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books and I've never drank a margarita. I know, I'm a monster. I just prefer to order a Negra Modelo and I'm a professional genre hopper when it comes to reading. But also because, as a someone who leans away from the ordinary, I also tend to avoid overly popular books. (But not always) Check out my goodreads profile to see what I'm currently devouring.


Lactose Intolerant


Pale AF


Elder Millennial

We Choose the Moon Photography


Sabers Champagne


Proudly Going Grey


Makes Baklava

we choose the moon photography

we choose the moon photography

downtown Louisville Wedding

Kind Words

Wedding at Passalino's in louisville kentucky


Mary was by far our favorite vendor that we hired for our wedding. She was always responsive and incredibly helpful. We do not have the artistic eye that she does, but we were able to just be in the moment and trust her completely to take beautiful photos.

One big thing that made us choose Mary was her messages on inclusiveness. Our wedding party was not super traditional, but Mary didn't even ask any questions. She took it in stride and made everyone feel comfortable.

I do not consider myself a naturally photogenic person. I have realized after seeing our guests photos/videos that I am quite an expressive talker, but our candid photos are my absolute favorite. There is something so special about capturing the actual moment rather than a staged photo. Mary was able to photograph these beautifully and I did not even see her once we started dancing.

We never had any regrets about choosing Mary as our photographer. She was everything we could have asked for. Not only is she professional, but she is inclusive and great on her feet. She helped make our wedding day run smoothly and made us look incredible.

Wedding at Clifty Falls in Madison Indiana


Mary was super professional and easy to talk to leading up to the wedding, and helped me prepare my shot list and organize my itinerary for the day. On the day of, she seemed to fit right in with my wedding party. I could tell everyone felt comfortable and beautiful having their photos taken by her.

We had an outdoor ceremony and a cozy reception space. Mary had such a keen eye for where to take photos. She really transformed the space into something out of a fairytale. The outdoor and indoor pictures are beautifully composed, and she captured so many intimate moments of my small wedding. In the chaos of the event, I wasn't sure what to expect, but she really managed to be everywhere at once!

The other reason I reached out to We Choose the Moon is because I loved the messages of body positivity and inclusivity on Mary's webpage. I couldn't have felt more beautiful in the photos she took. We also had a bit of an alternative wedding. My husband and I are polyamorous, and wanted to celebrate our partners as well as ourselves on our big day. Mary was open to that, and helped us make sure that everybody felt special and involved leading up to and throughout the event.

Wedding in Madison Indiana


There aren’t enough words to accurately say thank you to Mary. When looking for a wedding photographer, I’ll admit I was picky. I’ve been a part of enough weddings to know how uncomfortable it can be when a photographer pushes you to be who you’re not for the sake of a good picture. I knew from the first ten minutes meeting with Mary that this would not be the case with her. She genuinely wants to capture the best of YOU rather than the best of someone you’re trying to be.


It wasn’t until I met with Mary that I even considered doing engagement pictures and, when we did get them done, they were authentically “us.” I didn’t think it could get any better till I started seeing the sneak peaks of our wedding pictures.


Even more so, though, Mary was observant throughout the wedding day and, when she could see my husband and I getting worn out by all the attention and people around us, she quietly took us off to another room for a while to get some more pictures but also to give us time to take a breath and enjoy the moment together. She stuck up for us and what we wanted out of pictures even when others were pushing for something else.


Mary went above and beyond in everything she did for us.

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