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We Choose the Moon Photography


Offering a radical approach to wedding photography with an

editorial edge and documentary style.

I specialize in creating  bewitchingly unconventional imagery

for anyone who has ever wanted something different

and couldn’t find it or were simply told “no, just be normal”.

(A Louisville Wedding Photographer)

A well-versed pair of eyes with modern gear but nostalgic flair.
(the wedding photographer your mom probably won't like)

I’m Mary
(also bewitchingly unconventional)


Sorry friends, unlike other photographers you've seen out there, I don't have a favorite Starbucks order and my favorite place isn't a beach. But that's only because I drink mushroom coffee (for gut health reasons) and I have a sun allergy so my relationship with the nearly perfect ball of hot plasma in the sky isn't great. (Hints why beaches aren't my thing). Although I do occasionally order a vanilla chia latte and if I slap on vampire approved sunscreen, I'm fine to go to the beach.  I do have other redeeming qualities though. I make a decent rum sour, I can walk on stilts, and I hate cardio. I'm a well rounded artist with experience and training in painting, drawing, music (piano & clarinet), 3D arts, 2D arts, jewelry making, film/video recording and editing and graphic design. I also dabble in the bakery arts.


Additionally you should know I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books and I've never drank a margarita. I know, I'm a monster. I just prefer to order a Negra Modelo and I'm a professional genre hopper when it comes to reading. But also because, as a someone who leans away from the ordinary, I also tend to avoid overly popular books. (But not always) Check out my goodreads profile to see what I'm currently devouring.


The Experience

You want someone who understands its your f*cking wedding day and will treat it as such; not just another job, or a photoshoot.  We'll do some posed and prompted portraits but mostly I'm going to follow you around paparazzi style and be your biggest advocate. It's your wedding day. I'm just there to capture it and help make sure things go down as close to the way you planned it (and not the way the others think it should go down). 
(PS - tell them to mind their own biscuits)

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